Ryan Mills


Pro BMX Rider | Runs Deadend BMX

Resides in Boulder City, NV

Has won 5 Emmy's for the beautiful documentary Road to Recovery

Stranger Co., On Some Shit, The Straye

The Homeless via The Karma Project 

Ryan has been in the BMX scene for a long time and more recently has become a close friend of the Help brand. When I first met Ryan I wasn't fully aware of his storied past. Through a string of unfortunate events Ryan found himself couch surfing, addicted to heroin, briefly incacerated, and living on the streets for roughly 10 years in Las Vegas, NV. Thankfully he is now 6 years sober and giving back in a big way.
Ryan now works with the state of Nevada to help fight the opioid epidemic and help addicts discover methods to put them on the road to recovery. Not only that, but we chose to team up with him and his brand, Deadend, to help give back to the homeless population in Las Vegas which is heavily plagued with addiction. To hear Ryan's full story watch the short documentary below.