Help was an idea conceived by Pro BMX rider Nathan Williams and former Kink BMX Creative Director Dave Fortman to create and sell quality hats that we are stoked on.

Though our roots run deep in the BMX scene, we never fully wanted to become BMX only brand. We view Help as a lifestyle brand that is heavily influenced by BMX, skateboarding, art, design, and music.

We originally wanted to give back somehow but realized it was not realistic when we first launched due to the fact that we both were the only financial contributors to the brand. However, now that we have grown and expanded our reach slowly, we have begun to pivot back towards our original idea of being a more charitable brand with a commitment to working with other like minded people to give back to causes we care about.

So as we continue to evolve, expect some exciting collaborations with like minded individuals in BMX and skateboarding and beyond.

We're here to Help.